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New Week, New Start.

Last week was, I’m sure, long and busy: for some it may have consisted of successful training (you go girls!) but for others, maybe not. However, have no fear! It’s the start of a new week and the opportunity to jump right back on that horse. A couple of missed sessions or slips in the healthy eating regime do not have to mean failure. Here are a few helpful suggestions and tricks to motivate and, hopefully, keep you on the path to results and success!

 Fail to plan, plan to fail…

Possibly the most often used and quoted saying in the fitness community! Rightly so. If you are somebody that lives a hectic lifestyle and constantly rushing from place to place, it’s important to make the time to work on yourself. Therefore, plan your workouts and when you intend to do them in advance. It may seem time consuming initially but will, inevitably, save you from wasting away those precious minutes. Additionally, preparing your meals and snacks the evening before will stop you from reaching for those pesky biscuits lying around the house or office. Remember, that body you keep working for takes time and commitment: this way, time becomes your ally and helps you become one step closer!


Inspire yourself.

As mentioned in our last blog post, there is a huge fitness community and following to be found on social media. There are many ladies using their profiles as a means to encourage and motivate others – use them! Find somebody with a smokin’ body and place it where you can see it. Looking at it each day will be a reminder of what you’re busting your booty for. However, don’t compare where you are in your journey, to where they are! Everybody progresses in their own time.

 Set Goals!

By setting both short term and long term goals, you know what it is you’re working towards. Whether it’s making your abs pop or growing some biceps the guys would be jealous of, take body measurements and progress pictures as you proceed. When looking at yourself in the mirror each day, you may not notice the changes that your body is going through – yet, place two pictures side by side and all that hard work will seem very much worth it. Having fitness idols is great, but become your own motivation too.


 Find that perfect training partner.

Perhaps leg day isn't a favourite, or you prefer that extra hour of beauty sleep to hitting the gym early: if so, find a gym buddy and motivate one another. Training is supposed to be hard, but that doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of fun too. Compete yet encourage each other to be the best.


Feeling good and looking good go hand-in-hand. Your confidence in the gym is going to increase if you’re rocking some awesome fitness wear! That’s where we’ve got you covered: Neu Apparel is on trend and affordable. So get your squat-loving bums over to the products page and take a sneaky peek at what we have to offer.




Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray
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The Top Three #'s You Should Be Following On Instagram...

The fitness industry has exploded over the past few years: gyms are popping up far and wide, new methods of training are being continuously developed and increasing numbers of people are more mindful of their health and well-being. Parallel to this explosion is the ever growing popularity of the internet. The general public are taking to Google to search for advice and ideas in regards to their training. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Instagram has become one of the go-to platforms for fitness-minded people, all over the globe. Individuals are using their profiles to express their passion whilst encouraging others to do the same; all hail the #!

  1. #seltering (Origin: JenSelter)

Jen Selter is the girl to follow for that Hump Day motivation! In fact, her pert derrière may be held partially responsible for the revitalisation of the squat amongst fitness-minded women. Jen, and her booty, are followed by nearly four million admirers, many of which aiming to achieve the same results. If you cannot lie and a big butt is for you (Sir Mix-a-lot knew what he was talking about!) then get searching for #seltering – there’s a whole community out there ready to assist you in that journey.


  1. #BodyByIza (Origin: iza_goulart)

Izabel Goulart is a Brazilian model and an ex-Angel for Victoria’s Secret (although still often walks in their fashion shows). She sports the ‘bikini body’ look, meaning that her appearance is healthy, strong and lean: an area which has risen in popularity. Iza maintains her figure using a variety of techniques which can be viewed in her pictures and videos. #BodyByIza was created as motivation to maintain the healthy lifestyle. As a result, the hashtag’s newsfeed is brimming with yoga, juices, recipes and plyometric exercises, amongst others. If it’s new ideas you’re searching for then look no further!


  1. #ukfitfam (Origin: Unknown)

Unlike the previous hashtags, #ukfitfam does not originate from a specific individual: instead its purpose is to connect like-minded people from within the United Kingdom. Whilst scouring the many motivational fitness accounts on Instagram it’s apparent that countless are based in America and Australia. Yet the UK isn’t far behind and through the use of this hashtag, a community is created. It’s a fantastic source for discovering nutritious snacks (that are actually available in the country), potential workouts and inspirational quotes. It’s a space on the internet where praise and admiration can be passed along and encouraged.

So there you go, three hashtags worth following – each different to the others but all equally as motivational and inspiring! As you rush off to scour over the endless images, don’t forget to follow Neu Apparel whilst you’re at it (


(Images found through Google - and


 Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray
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New Cosmetic Brand 'Pretty Athletic' Launch With Workout Friendly Skin Care Line!

Launching earlier this month, Pretty Athletic are one of the first skin care brands made with gymaholics in mind. Their collection of workout friendly products are not only beautifully packaged, but are ever so feminine and bursting with natural ingredients which gently cleanse your skin after you've sweated it out in the gym!


The brand have a  range of 5 products, from purifying face cleanser to intensive moisture balm, each has a fresh, reinvigorating smell which feels so good on your skin after your workout. The fitness industry is exploding right now and this product is exactly what gym bunnies everywhere need, with most regular skin care products not giving your skin what it needs to repair and re hydrate after exercise.



Pretty Athletic pride themselves on having a 'no nasties' policy, meaning their skin care products are full of natural goodness and skin friendly botanical ingredients such as Rosehip oil to rehydrate, Menthol to cool, Witch Hazel to control sweat and Aloe Vera to soothe! And wow were we impressed, after a week of using the products after working out we found that our skin felt fresh and the calming facial moisturiser left skin feeling cooled and soothed. The cleanser is also a favourite of ours, leaving skin feeling deeply cleansed and clean, which is perfect after a tough session in the gym!


The products are well priced for the high quality you get, with the  most expensive item, the calming facial moisturiser, being £22. You can purchase Pretty Athletic off their website and also check them out on Twitter for offers and discount codes!


Rebecca Scott
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Want the Body of a Victoria Secrets Models? According to Miranda Kerr You Need to Be Spending More Time Between the Sheets!

'The more sex I have the more defined my arms and stomach get!'


Miranda-Kerr-GQ-UK-Magazine-May-2014-10 (1)
Men around the world have a lot more than just Miranda Kerrs amazingly hot body to be thankful to her for, after she claimed that sex helps keep her enviable figure in shape! With women everywhere desperate to have a bod like Miss Kerr I'm pretty certain they'll be taking her advise on board, and I'm sure men will be very supportive of this new fitness regime!

The Victoria Secrets model's latest GQ spread is quite possibly the raunchiest yet, with Kerr half naked in most shots, sporting a delectable tan and beach babe hair. In an interview with the magazine, Kerr told how since she split with husband of nearly 4 years Orlanda Bloom she has noticed her arms and stomach aren't as toned and she puts this down to lack of sex. Apparently regular sessions under the sheets has kept the model fit and enhanced her famous curves keeping her runway ready!


Although don't be thinking that you can put her riduculously flawless figure down to just  sex alone, Miranda is also a yoga fanatic and has a clean, healthy diet. However there is actually some proof in her claim, 'love making' can burn up to 250 cals in an hour which is the same as a 20 minute run on the treadmill, and we all know which one we'd rather do!

So next time your about to use the 'I have a headache excuse' go checkout Miranda's amazingly hot shoot in this months GQ Magazine and I'm sure your headache will miraculously disappear!

(Photographer: Mario Testino Model: Miranda Kerr for GQ Magazine)

Rebecca Scott
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Why Weighing Scales Are the Enemy!

Nearly everyone, whether man or woman,  can relate to that anxious, gut wrenching feeling you get when taking that little step up onto the dreaded 'am I fat' reader we call weighing scales. Most people who are trying to loose weight will base their goals around that number which flashes up at us, we can get so preoccupied with it that it becomes a very unhealthy obsession, but there are so many different factors to take into account when cutting body fat which people, women being the main culprits, over look. Like for example,  'muscle weighs more than fat' which I'm sure you have all heard but still for some bizarre reason decide to take no notice of and instead rely on the scales instead, which by the way cannot tell the difference between the weight of muscle or fat.

weighing scales

Here's a scenario I'm sure will sound've been working your butt off in the gym, eating right and still the scales are telling you no sorry you've made no progress so now your crying on your bathroom floor blaming it all on the chinese you had over a week ago. sound like you? Well here's how to avoid this from happening again, ditch the scales and grab yourself a measuring tape! If you are weight training then you are building muscle, fact! Therefore there is not much point in stepping onto those scales and expecting to be lighter, because as mentioned earlier, muscle weighs more than fat! However muscle takes up less room, meaning a leaner, smaller you. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing progress in the mirror, noticing your clothes starting to feel looser then looking down and seeing that actually you've lost zero pounds, and in some case gained pounds! But don't be disheartened, because I bet if you measured yourself instead you'd find you are actually slimmer!

Also, another thing to take into consideration is water retention. You can gain up to 5-7lbs  in the space of a day just through water retention! Women will experience this throughout the month due to hormonal changes, but men are also effected by this too, for example if you have eaten a meal high in salt your body will hold on to liquid making you weigh more. Therefore weighing yourself is not a true indicator of fat loss.


Another reason why you should ditch the scales is body composition. We all have that skinny friend who eats whatever they want and still has the body of a russian ballerina, and this is because we all have different body compositions. Meaning that though you may weigh more than your friend, you are most likely a lot healthier than them. Many naturally skinny people are in fact very unhealthy and can hold a lot of fat around their organs and inside their bodies, which is far more dangerous than having external fat. Yet many of us will compare our weight to those of our friends and people around us, which again is not a reliable way of charting your fat loss.

The best way to track your bmi and fat loss is through measuring yourself, take measurements from your waist, arms and legs and this way you can work out your body fat percentage. There are hundreds of websites which will calculate your body fat percentage for you based upon your measurements, including your height. You may be gaining weight on the scales but loosing inches from your waist, and this is the result you want if you are working out and eating well. So stop counting pounds and start measuring inches!X
Rebecca Scott
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The Average Girls Modelling Agency Where Personality Matters!

The fashion industry is notorious for setting its standards unattainably high when it comes to their models, with most agencies not even letting you through their doors if you're even a touch below 5'10. Leaving pretty much most of the UK's population with shattered dreams of being the next Kate Moss or David Gandy. But it seems that there could be an underdog looking to change that, Anti-Agency is a new modelling agency who claim to have no requirements for weight or height.


                   Models Sophie, Alex & Portia. Image courtesy of Anti Agency

Set up by 24 year olds Lucy Greene and Pandora Lennard, the agency plans to challenge the industry's perceptions on what makes the ideal model. This seems like a brave, near impossible task as we've all been witness to the long-legged, wide set eyes types which dominate the runways, but the pair are set on causing a stir.

The agency only ask for head shots, they don't request measurements, they don't ask about your height. So yes, their models are good looking, but come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from size 6 to 16 and 5'3 to 6'2! However, there is an alternative selection process that they use when selecting models, they spot talent by indulging in a spot of social media stalking. Yes that's right, social media stalking which isn't just used to find out who your exe's new love interest is... The girls look into your interests, your hobbies and generally get a feel for the type of person you are. They want their models to be fun, charismatic interesting people who will represent the agency when out on castings and shoots.

This concept is of course, a refreshing idea, but is it too much of a challenge? Could this idea of an 'anti model' modelling agency be a bit too radical? We all like the idea that anyone can be a model, but in reality how would we feel if a beautiful Dior gown was put on a 5'3 model and featured on the front page of Vogue? Would it have the same 'wow' effect? Let's not forget that there have been previous attempts  to integrate plus size models onto the runway, Mark Fast used size 16 models at London fashion week in 2010, resulting in his creative director storming out very publicly mid-show!


                                                             Mark Fast Runway, London Fashion Week, 2010

So is this just a fleeting 'nice idea' to make everyday people feel like they could fit in with the Naomi Campbell's of the world, or will the fashion industry's attitude towards image change? Crazier things have happened...

Rebecca Scott
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'HIIT Fat' on the Head with a New Cardio Regime this Spring

Most people think you need to be running for an exhaustive amount of time to drop body fat, but in actual fact you could be doing your body more harm than good by doing this. Long distance running places a lot of stress on your body, the impact your joints sustain whilst doing this type of exercise can cause long-term problems, ranging from shin splints to weakened ankles. So yes, running does burn a lot of calories, and you will loose weight if you are running for long lengths of time everytime you workout, however there is a much less time consuming, more effective way to strip fat.

High intensity interval training, commonly referred to as HIIT cardio, is the most effective form of cardio in terms of fat burning, and better still it requires a lot less time! You can do HIIT cardio on practically any machine, bike, rower or treadmill, and you only need to spend 15- 20 minutes of your workout doing it, leaving the rest of your session for weight training.

HIIT is done by exerting yourself in intervals by sprinting for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then lowering the intensity, i.e slowing down your pace, bringing your heart rate right back down again. For example, if the treadmill is your machine of choice, you can sprint at your fastest speed for 30 seconds then walk for 60 seconds, and you only need to do this for 15 minutes to burn up to 700 calories! Research confirms that HIIT enhances the metabolic mechanisms in muscle cells which promotes fat-burning and stunts fat production, another amazing benefit of HIIT is that long after you are finished working out, your caloric burn remains higher as your metabolism requires more calories to repair itself after the intensity you have placed it under.

HIIT cardio is also the best form of cardio to do if you are wanting to keep muscle mass, short bursts of cardio will allow you to preserve muscle and can help build leg mass. For example, if you compare the bodies of sprinters to long distance runners, you will see that sprinters are extremely muscular as opposed to long distance runners who are typically very skinny.

hiit cardio

To start with, try introducing HIIT cardio into your workouts twice a week, after your body begins to build up its aerobic and anaerobic endurance you can then add an extra HIIT session per week until you get to 4-5 a week maximum. Take one day off per week, and if on those days you do exercise, try low impact training instead. You will find that after 2 weeks your body fat will start you drop noticeably and you will feel and look more lean without wasting unnecessary amounts of time on cardio. You might find your first HIIT session pretty brutal, but when you know your burned more calories in 15 minutes than most do in 60 minutes you will definitely be back for more!



Rebecca Scott
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How to Beat Your Addiction to Sugar!

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem...

Do you find yourself eating the whole pack of chocolate fingers in one sitting? Do you pick at sugary treats even when your not hungry? If this sounds like you then you may well be addicted to that sweet sweet white stuff, sugar.

Yes sugar addiction is a real thing and could be to blame for your endless string of failed diets and lack of willpower. Sugar can effect some of us so profoundly that it can cause you to become dependant on it. All of us indulge in a sugar rush from time to time, but if you find it hard to control your intake then you need to take a step back and ask yourself why.

Sugar can activate the same pathways in the brain as alcohol and cigarettes, which explains why some people cannot resist but binge on sugar filled food. According to Nicole. M Avena, author of 'Why Diets Fail: Because You're Addicted to Sugar', over 11% of the general population have the characteristics of a sugar addict. Avena recommends not making a harsh attempt at going completely cold turkey as foods containing sugar are so vast you would struggle to succeed. She recommends giving up two things every week i.e. fizzy drinks and sweet cereal or sugar in your hot drink,  until you have eliminated sugar from your daily diet.


Giving up sugar too quickly will cause unmanageable withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, stomach cramps and nausea, so a much more gentle approach is wise. However, to successfully remove sugar from your diet you need to really understand the foods which contain sugar, many people are eating large quantity's of sugar without even realising it. Foods such as cereals. sauces, flavoured yoghurt's and bread contain hidden sugar, so make sure you are reading the carbohydrate content of your food as carbohydrate is sugar! And be aware that not all packaging will clearly state sugar as an ingredient, look out for 'dextrin' or 'maltodextrose' too.


sweet lips

A recent study carried out by the University of Utah showed that sugar can actually lessen your life expectancy. Mice who were fed a diet of 25% extra sugar had just half the life expectancy of those who ate a normal diet. Which is sour news for those of us whose diets are high in sugar. But do not despair as there are lots of alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, or even try carob chocolate which is a chocolate like plant and has been found to contain anti-bacterial properties, limiting the need for antibiotics. Also, many fat free yoghurt's may well be fat free, but can contain over 18g of sugar in one serving! Why not try Coyo coconut milk yoghurt or a natural Greek yoghurt and sweeten with a natural sweetner such as Truvia. Remember, it may seem like your committing yourself to a life of sugar free misery, but not only will you start seeing a soar in energy levels and weight loss, it can also revive your taste-buds. So you never know, even broccoli may start to taste nice!


Rebecca Scott - @FibreMagazine Published at

Rebecca Scott
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Think Like a Man to Look like a Goddess. Why Women Should Lift Weights!
Rebecca Scott
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