The Ultimate Fitspo: Sanna-Maria Seilamo

Okay I have to admit; I was fangirling SO hard over this reply from fitness influencer Sanna-Maria Seilamo (@mssannamaria on IG). Not only is she a player on Team NEUapparel, she is actually #goals. Her Insta gives me all the inspiration I need to squat, she looks good in everything and is the kindest soul I have encountered online! She took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions on fitness, empowerment, and also a fun one about NEUapparel!
Q: What/who was your biggest influencer in starting to workout? What pushed you the most to keep going?
A: When I first started working out was before Instagram, so I used to watch these "Female Fitness motivation" videos from Youtube where I saw these gorgeous women with their incredible bodies. This really gave me the push to workout harder and chase the gains :D Later when Instagram got bigger my first two fitness idols were Michelle Lewin and Yarishna Ayala.
What pushed me to keep going was seeing results and the feeling that working out gave me. I´ve been very athletic since I was little so for me sports come very naturally and are a very big part of my well being.
Q: You empower women every day with your accurate information and kindness. What does female empowerment and body confidence mean to you?
A: Hearing this makes me so happy. Helping and empowering other women is such an honor and I could not be happier when I hear that my page has helped someone. For me female empowerment and body confidence means lifting and helping other women to gain the confidence be exactly who they are. Women face so much criticism and negativity, no matter what they look like. So it’s amazing to see how women from all over the world empower other women on social media with their kind comments and presence. When I hear that I motivate somebody it truly makes my day.
Q: If your followers/readers could take anything away from your page as a whole, what would you want it to be?
A: Not to stress too much on the little things when its comes to fitness, nutrition or staying in shape. Fitness is supposed to be fun and you really have to enjoy what you´re doing. The easiest and most effective way to get in shape is eating healthy (but not counting calories or worrying about every little snack) and exercising (does not need to be lifting if that not your thing). Just do what makes you happy and make the best out of it ;)
Q: What is your favorite way to boost other women's confidence in themselves?
A: It's most definitely being kind :) Women go through so much already that they should not have to feel unconfident, or that they would need to compete with other women on social media. Sending nice comments, messages and embracing them exactly how they are. I absolutely love it when women build each other up.
Q: And, just for fun, if you were to buy any item from NEUapparel, what would it be?
A: Ahh this is super hard since I honestly love all their sets! However if I´d have to choose it would probably be the Candy Goddess set or the new Luxe range
I think we can all agree that we fell in love with her just a little bit more from her answers (the Luxe range is my obsession at the moment as well)! In an age where genuine kindness can be hard to find, Sanna-Maria is one of those people who never fails to be uplifting and kind to everyone! Talk about GRL PWR!
Written by Kayla Norris 
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