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10 Things Only Fitness Girls Will Understand!

10 Things Only Fitness Girls Will Understand.

If you go to the gym you'll be able to relate to at least one (if not all) of these!


Editor: Rebecca | NEU Apparel 


1. Not wanting to wash your hair, even when its really greasy, because you haven't worked out yet!

Seriously, dry shampoo is your life


2. The Gym creep that always, without fail, appears as soon as you enter the squat rack!

No, I do not need a spot thanks!


3. Secretly getting really competitive with the girl on the treadmill next to you and the awkward moment when you catch each other checking out each others time and speed.

I was totally just checking out your nail polish colour! 


4. Racking up the weights on the squat rack then realising you haven't lowered the bar and its now far too heavy to move down.

Do I ask for help or just walk away...Yep abort abort move away from the squat rack.


5. Your entire washing basket consists of sweaty gym clothes.

Do I even wear normal clothes anymore?


6. You have certain thongs that you only wear to the gym. They're most likely the £3 pack of cotton ones from Primark.

You'd be mad to waste Victorias Secret on the gym I mean cmon!


7. Seeing the same fellow gym goers every time you workout but not knowing if to say hi or pretend you don't recognise them.



8. The moment when you think your alone so really start putting effort into a set of glute raises then the hot PT walks in mid thrust and it looks like you've been humping the air.

At least he knows I've got rhythm now right?


9. Desperately trying to think of new songs to download every week! Shazam is your second favourite app after my fitness pal!

Seriously, only Jlo can get me through this workout!


10. Feeling experimental so trying out a new exercise on the TRX, getting it completely wrong, looking like bambi after a few too many, then checking around you to see if anyone noticed.

They did, I swear that guys laughing, omg omg omg i want to die'


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