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Inspired by CoCo

You’ve seen her on Instagram and even on YouTube! The lovely Janelle Mughannam, who goes by Coco Janelle on social media, has given me amazing tips on how to achieve greatness in the realm of health and fitness!

Photo origin - @cocojanelle_

Now one might think that that in order to achieve the body of your dreams one must just work out… but that’s where you are wrong my friend! Coco says that in order to achieve your fitness goals, one must first change their mindset!!

Coco advices that women should stop having an idealized perception of what they think they should look like, but first appreciate what they have, stop comparing themselves to other women, and really for a positive relationship with their body image. She enforces to really mentally preparing yourself for the journey of health that is going to be embarked because in order to strengthen your body, you MUST strengthen your mind.

Coco also elaborates the importance of consistency! It took her about 2-3 years to see results she was truly happy with! Now I know what you’re thinking, “THAT A LONG TIME!” However, think of it this way, those 2/3 years passed, and Coco could have not worked out and stuck to her regimen and be disappointed in her lack of result BUT… stuck with her healthy lifestyle and is extremely happy with her results! In fact, her favorite quote is “A year from now you will wish you started today.”  Nevertheless, it wasn’t easy! Which leads into her next tip: NEVER GIVE UP!

Photo origin- @cocojanelle_

Coco comes from a family that prides themselves on leading a very healthy lifestyle. So when she went off to her first year of college and then came back 20 pounds heavier, it was a shock to her mother. Coco said that eating carelessly and drinking alcohol led her to gain the 20 pounds. Nevertheless, as soon as she got back home, with the support of her family, she started leading a healthy lifestyle. It was not easy though. There were days she did not feel like working out. There were moments where she would have rather stayed in bed. BUT …she knew that giving in and giving up was not the answer. Now 2-3 years later she is more than happy with her body!

Now for Coco its more than looking good, it is about feeling good as well. In a society that focuses so much on looks, Coco is making it her mission to empower women to love themselves as they are, while trying to become their best selves.  I like to say she’s kind of like the new age Oprah for health and fitness!

Written by Maryam Ramadhan
Alex Ryan

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