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How Being a Fit Couple Can Benefit Your Relationship

Fitness can not only give you physical strength but can strengthen your relationship too! In my case it’s my partners job to keep fit and as a dancer fitness has always played a huge part of my life. A mutual interest in fitness has made us stronger and closer as a couple. Here are my top 5 reason how being a fit couple can benefit your relationship





The first way fitness benefited my relationship is that I find it attractive in a partner. A person who has an interest in looking after themselves is an attractive trait. We can tell alot from a person who keeps fit, they are disciplined, have drive and care about their health, all other attractive traits I look for in a partner. You dont get fit by being a couch potato! In the early days of our relationship a mutual interest in fitness and wellbeing also gave us some common ground.


Healthy Sex Life

Don’t just take my word for it, it’s a scientific fact that working out can increase your sex drive, especially in women. Exercise makes your blood pump around your body quicker, making you more responsive to stimulation. Research shows that exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, which is probably the biggest sex drive inhibitor. Working out can also boost your confidence and let’s face it, self esteem is a huge help when it’s time to take your clothes off!


Healthy Eating

Food and fitness go hand in hand as does being in a relationship and eating. I’m pretty sure our relationship revolves around food ! Half the battle of keeping fit is eating right and I am lucky that my partner feels the same as it means we motivate one another to eat better. If the person you spend the most time with eats good it will influence you into doing the same. We inspire one another for example I am vegan and love to cook, I cook dinner everyday for us which means he eats mostly vegan. My vegan lifestyle has taught him alot about a plant based diet and how it can benefit him as an athlete. My boyfriend lovvvves fruit and so inspires me to eat more (I am usually more of a savoury person). I am also not very good at drinking water, I totally forget but he is forever reminding me. He probably doesn’t know this, but I am grateful he reminds me because I do moan at him sometimes lol.



Bonding Time

My partner is a professional athlete which means more days out than nights. Don’t  get me wrong we do enjoy a drink now and again but I see it as a plus as it means we put more thought into other things we can do for a date instead of the norm. It’s too easy to say we’ll just go for a drink ! We try to plan our days off, I love going different places to walk our frenchie Cisco.

There is nowhere better to bond than on holidays. Our love for adventure and fitness means that our holiday has to be somewhere we can explore with lots of activities. We went to Bali this year which was incredible, we cycled the whole of Gili T island, climbed giant rocks to a waterfall and went snorkelling with turtles. It made for so many wonderful memories.




Gym Partner

Another major plus is you always have a gym partner. In my opinion your other half is the best gym partner you can get because you feel comfortable around them which means you are free to concentrate on pushing yourself rather than on how sweaty you look. It also gives you motivation as you are more than likely wanting to impress your partner and having them there will make you do that one extra squat. It also gives you a bit of healthy competition and the motivation to push each other. You can learn a lot from your gym partner, swapping ideas and workouts, teaching each other along the way. This is all going to make you a better team and when it comes down to it that’s what you need to be to have a good relationship, a good team !


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