Grey Marl Set Review

I knew I loved it just by looking at it on the website to be honest so it was only a matter of confirmation with this set. You know when you get almost business like when buying your fitness wear that you almost 100% KNOW wether they’ll be a hit or miss? Well I’m that girl now and trust me when I say I definitely wasn’t wrong on this one! French postal services were an absolute mess (as per usual) and made my delivery so delayed I couldn’t even bring them with me to Greece which is a damn shame coz you know, the Gram’ needs what it needs and my poorly lit living room doesn’t compare to a Greek island *insert crying emoji*





Anyways, here I am, all tanned and with beautifully sun kissed hair (thanks sun! #DontForgetYourSPF50Tho), ripping through the bag to get to my precious (you read that in HIS VOICE didn’t you?!) and falling in love at first touch of the fabric. To say its jersey soft would feel way to bland and not accurate at all, i’d say looking at it you would except a cottony feeling but its so much softer to the touch its almost buttery which is a gift from the gods because nobody is into itchy, non-baby-bum-soft like leggings AMIRITE?!

I’m a UK 8 (I think? Pardon my frenchness I Beg ya) and I’d say the sizing on these ‘Get it Girl’ high waist leggings is a bit smaller than what Im used to but nothing i personally couldn’t work with and honestly it fits so smoothly around the legs and bumbum that I kept it for a while before putting my Pjs on! As for the ‘DOUBLE UP GREY COTTON MESH BRALETTE’ I paired it with, lets just say it how it is : ACTUAL PERFECTION! The fit is just right, the straps adjustable and that peachy mesh colored bit gives this whole look the vavavoom effect we all love without looking like we even tried #TotalWin. Regarding support, I would advise my girls with heavier tatas to go for another piece maybe though.
So here I am, after a night of being shamelessly ogled by my husband (he’s been converted to NEU FOR SURE!) I took it off and placed it right where I could see it so I’d wake up and put it on first thing in the morning for upper body day. And so I did, this morning. I was a bit scared the leggings would be see through while doing my barbell rows but nope, everything stayed under cover and the waist didn’t bulge one bit.

What I can confirm  though is the number of times I gave away Neu’s Instagram handle! (ps : I am NOT paid to say this. I was literally SHOOK.) Would I recommend it? You’ve guessed it by now : HELL YES! And then some! Now all I can say is I can’t wait to get my hands on more and get my fitness gear ready for summer! Sweat spots wise -because I know you’re thinking about it- as the big phat sweaty mess I am, I did see some on the underboob area and a bit behind the legs but you know what? I’ve never ever been bothered by it! I actually feel great pride at sweating like a boss lady working on my gainz and don’t feel the slightest bit of shame at it being visible *dramatic sweaty hair flip*. BUT if unlike me you are concerned about it, then I’d say keep this particular set for LISS days, hikes and the likes. I’d also say it’s actually perfect as the most stylish athleisure look for those rest days where the only action of the day is coffee with a friend! Pair it with the ‘GET IT GIRL OVERSIZED MARL GREY SWEATSHIRT’ and either white or dusty pink sneakers (In my picture I’m wearing Adidas NMD’s with it and its just too good to pass on) and you’ve got yourself a hella gorgeous and effortless monochrome look.

Don't hesitate to @ me on Instagram ( @miss_mands) if you want further details or anything really.

The more the merrier! Xx Mandy.

Alex Ryan

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