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Would you say you’re body confident? I don’t know how many women would.

To be happy with your appearance takes a certain degree of strength. We are bombarded with standards of beauty that many of us don’t fit and that many of us physically can’t fit. I will never look like a Victoria’s Secret model because whilst I can lose weight, losing bone from my hips is slightly more difficult. Similarly, I will never be the tiny, cute one of my friendship group because at five foot five, I’m taller than most of my friends. My tiny, cute friends don’t like being so small though – they want longer legs. None of us are content.


It’s hard to be satisfied with yourself when you see things in others that you like more – longer legs, toned arms, a flat stomach. That’s where you need to remember that's someone else’s best feature doesn’t make yours any worse.To be happy with your appearance is to define your worth on your own terms. It takes a lot to stand up and say ‘I am beautiful. I am strong. I am my own girl crush.’



How empowering would it be to be your own motivation? To aspire to look like your best self, rather than someone that you see on Instagram. It is to take society’s definitions of beauty and to stamp
on them.

Take that empowered sense of self, that confidence that you have found and use it to help others feel the same. Girls for girls. Let’s help each other grow. You never need to unscrew another woman’s lightbulb in order to shine. Feeling that someone else is prettier than you doesn’t mean you have to find something about yourself that is better than them. ‘She’s
pretty but she’s got fat legs.’ We don’t need to hear that and you don’t need to think it either. Female empowerment is about collaboration, not a competition and if there is anything we can learn from Mean Girls, it’s that ‘calling someone fat won’t make you skinny’ and tearing someone down definitely won’t build you up.


When payday comes around, we tell ourselves and others to ‘treat yourself’. We’re talking about a night out, a new bag or a new pair of shoes but why don’t we treat ourselves everyday? Treat ourselves more kindly. Tell ourselves how much we are worth. If we were to reward ourselves with positive affirmations and phrases to inspire confidence and empowerment, the world would be full of far happier women. Speak to yourself like you speak to other girls when you’re drunk in the bathroom and I guarantee you will feel a million times more confident.

This is why body confidence is a form of female empowerment – a movement that is on course for world domination and rightly so.
Females all over the world are refusing to be the ‘weaker sex’, physically and mentally. The weights section of the gym is no longer solely male; female CEOs are on the rise and we are slowly but surely refusing to be confined by masculine definitions of beauty.

Historically, women have been subjected, objectified and commodified by men. We have been taught to aspire to marriage but little more, to work on our appearance so that it satisfies men, to train our minds to say the right thing, to refine ourselves practically into submission.

Our worth has been defined by our relationship status, our appearance, our ability to cook, sew and clean. It’s a NEU time now. Now is the time to be empowered and to be your own girl crush. It’s time to know your worth and then add tax. It’s not all about getting a man. We’ve got bigger things to deal with.

Girls, it’s time to be strong. It’s time to be fierce. It’s time to be unashamedly you.

Written by Kirsty Spencer 

Alex Ryan

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