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Beauty & Sweat

I have a confession to make.

I used to be very judgmental of people wearing make up to the gym. Until I realized I was being the exact opposite of what I preached for.

Weather you're an early bird or a late gymer, I know you've debated wearing make up while getting your sweat on at least once! I used to look at fellow sweaty gals at the gym, all made up and looking amazing while thinking 'why the hell would anyone wear a full face of make up to come here and sweat like a beast?' (and feeling pretty strongly about it too.) But then I started thinking ... Why do I care? Why does that make me uncomfortable? Does it have to do with my own insecurities and nothing to do with them?

And big surprise ladies (and gents?), the answer is YES!

Yes, some days I too want to go to the gym feeling cute and pampered when in reality I woke up puffy and nearly cancelled on my plan to workout before starting my day because of that.

But also, it's nothing more than a matter of personal preferences. If you wanna go the scientific way, studies have indeed shown many times that working out with make-up on can lead to clogged pores which lead to breakouts, so as the good skin freak that I am, it had a psychological impact and I now feel like I have pimples pop up as soon as the tiniest bead of sweat falls on my forehead #PsychoticMuch. So for those days when I do feel like the use of make-up is necessary for the outside world to welcome me with open arms, I've come up with the simplest yet most effective way to look alive without looking like I've tried too much. Here are the small steps to a more alive looking you in the morning :

- Always put on some under-eye cream followed by a light and not too pasty concealer

(using the L'Oreal true match at the moment and it feels like instant life brought to your face)

- Tinted lip balm. I use a tinted vaseline at the moment but if you're feeling fancy I highly recommend the Dior Lip glow in whatever shade suits you best. It brings that pop of color to your face without having to use blush (the workout will make it happen naturally if done right!)

- Brow gel. I love Glossier's boy brow to give my face some structure and fluff up those bad boys.


- Mascara. I use a brown mascara in the morning to make my look even more natural while opening up my eyes.

- BB cream (if you feel like concealer isn't doing good enough a job). Almost every BB cream I've tried made me break me out really bad in a matter of hours but as a persistent lady, I tried the one from Erborian and I have to say its the only one who's done a good job at making my skin look even without giving me any pimples! And voila!



Come to think of it, the subject of make-up at the gym is exactly the same as people preferring to work out in their boyfriend's t-shirt because they don't feel too great wearing something they consider as too "revealing" while others feel their best and most empowered wearing bomb gym outfits and are like a dog on a bone whenever their favorite brand restocks (right?!!).

To sum up, I've realized that the more you let go of how people may perceive you, the least judgmental you are towards others and honestly, it's been life changing! Gone are the days when you worried about the shortness of that cropped top, about how this visible double headed pimple on your chin -that truly isn't doing you any favor, lets be real- would stop you from doing any task that involved human interaction and gone are the days where any fucks were given!




Written by Mandy Batalha 

Sofia Bonsor

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