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New Week, New Start.

Last week was, I’m sure, long and busy: for some it may have consisted of successful training (you go girls!) but for others, maybe not. However, have no fear! It’s the start of a new week and the opportunity to jump right back on that horse. A couple of missed sessions or slips in the healthy eating regime do not have to mean failure. Here are a few helpful suggestions and tricks to motivate and, hopefully, keep you on the path to results and success!

 Fail to plan, plan to fail…

Possibly the most often used and quoted saying in the fitness community! Rightly so. If you are somebody that lives a hectic lifestyle and constantly rushing from place to place, it’s important to make the time to work on yourself. Therefore, plan your workouts and when you intend to do them in advance. It may seem time consuming initially but will, inevitably, save you from wasting away those precious minutes. Additionally, preparing your meals and snacks the evening before will stop you from reaching for those pesky biscuits lying around the house or office. Remember, that body you keep working for takes time and commitment: this way, time becomes your ally and helps you become one step closer!


Inspire yourself.

As mentioned in our last blog post, there is a huge fitness community and following to be found on social media. There are many ladies using their profiles as a means to encourage and motivate others – use them! Find somebody with a smokin’ body and place it where you can see it. Looking at it each day will be a reminder of what you’re busting your booty for. However, don’t compare where you are in your journey, to where they are! Everybody progresses in their own time.

 Set Goals!

By setting both short term and long term goals, you know what it is you’re working towards. Whether it’s making your abs pop or growing some biceps the guys would be jealous of, take body measurements and progress pictures as you proceed. When looking at yourself in the mirror each day, you may not notice the changes that your body is going through – yet, place two pictures side by side and all that hard work will seem very much worth it. Having fitness idols is great, but become your own motivation too.


 Find that perfect training partner.

Perhaps leg day isn't a favourite, or you prefer that extra hour of beauty sleep to hitting the gym early: if so, find a gym buddy and motivate one another. Training is supposed to be hard, but that doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of fun too. Compete yet encourage each other to be the best.


Feeling good and looking good go hand-in-hand. Your confidence in the gym is going to increase if you’re rocking some awesome fitness wear! That’s where we’ve got you covered: Neu Apparel is on trend and affordable. So get your squat-loving bums over to the products page and take a sneaky peek at what we have to offer.




Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray

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