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The Top Three #'s You Should Be Following On Instagram...

The fitness industry has exploded over the past few years: gyms are popping up far and wide, new methods of training are being continuously developed and increasing numbers of people are more mindful of their health and well-being. Parallel to this explosion is the ever growing popularity of the internet. The general public are taking to Google to search for advice and ideas in regards to their training. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Instagram has become one of the go-to platforms for fitness-minded people, all over the globe. Individuals are using their profiles to express their passion whilst encouraging others to do the same; all hail the #!

  1. #seltering (Origin: JenSelter)

Jen Selter is the girl to follow for that Hump Day motivation! In fact, her pert derrière may be held partially responsible for the revitalisation of the squat amongst fitness-minded women. Jen, and her booty, are followed by nearly four million admirers, many of which aiming to achieve the same results. If you cannot lie and a big butt is for you (Sir Mix-a-lot knew what he was talking about!) then get searching for #seltering – there’s a whole community out there ready to assist you in that journey.


  1. #BodyByIza (Origin: iza_goulart)

Izabel Goulart is a Brazilian model and an ex-Angel for Victoria’s Secret (although still often walks in their fashion shows). She sports the ‘bikini body’ look, meaning that her appearance is healthy, strong and lean: an area which has risen in popularity. Iza maintains her figure using a variety of techniques which can be viewed in her pictures and videos. #BodyByIza was created as motivation to maintain the healthy lifestyle. As a result, the hashtag’s newsfeed is brimming with yoga, juices, recipes and plyometric exercises, amongst others. If it’s new ideas you’re searching for then look no further!


  1. #ukfitfam (Origin: Unknown)

Unlike the previous hashtags, #ukfitfam does not originate from a specific individual: instead its purpose is to connect like-minded people from within the United Kingdom. Whilst scouring the many motivational fitness accounts on Instagram it’s apparent that countless are based in America and Australia. Yet the UK isn’t far behind and through the use of this hashtag, a community is created. It’s a fantastic source for discovering nutritious snacks (that are actually available in the country), potential workouts and inspirational quotes. It’s a space on the internet where praise and admiration can be passed along and encouraged.

So there you go, three hashtags worth following – each different to the others but all equally as motivational and inspiring! As you rush off to scour over the endless images, don’t forget to follow Neu Apparel whilst you’re at it (


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 Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray

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