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Why Weighing Scales Are the Enemy!

Nearly everyone, whether man or woman,  can relate to that anxious, gut wrenching feeling you get when taking that little step up onto the dreaded 'am I fat' reader we call weighing scales. Most people who are trying to loose weight will base their goals around that number which flashes up at us, we can get so preoccupied with it that it becomes a very unhealthy obsession, but there are so many different factors to take into account when cutting body fat which people, women being the main culprits, over look. Like for example,  'muscle weighs more than fat' which I'm sure you have all heard but still for some bizarre reason decide to take no notice of and instead rely on the scales instead, which by the way cannot tell the difference between the weight of muscle or fat.

weighing scales

Here's a scenario I'm sure will sound've been working your butt off in the gym, eating right and still the scales are telling you no sorry you've made no progress so now your crying on your bathroom floor blaming it all on the chinese you had over a week ago. sound like you? Well here's how to avoid this from happening again, ditch the scales and grab yourself a measuring tape! If you are weight training then you are building muscle, fact! Therefore there is not much point in stepping onto those scales and expecting to be lighter, because as mentioned earlier, muscle weighs more than fat! However muscle takes up less room, meaning a leaner, smaller you. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing progress in the mirror, noticing your clothes starting to feel looser then looking down and seeing that actually you've lost zero pounds, and in some case gained pounds! But don't be disheartened, because I bet if you measured yourself instead you'd find you are actually slimmer!

Also, another thing to take into consideration is water retention. You can gain up to 5-7lbs  in the space of a day just through water retention! Women will experience this throughout the month due to hormonal changes, but men are also effected by this too, for example if you have eaten a meal high in salt your body will hold on to liquid making you weigh more. Therefore weighing yourself is not a true indicator of fat loss.


Another reason why you should ditch the scales is body composition. We all have that skinny friend who eats whatever they want and still has the body of a russian ballerina, and this is because we all have different body compositions. Meaning that though you may weigh more than your friend, you are most likely a lot healthier than them. Many naturally skinny people are in fact very unhealthy and can hold a lot of fat around their organs and inside their bodies, which is far more dangerous than having external fat. Yet many of us will compare our weight to those of our friends and people around us, which again is not a reliable way of charting your fat loss.

The best way to track your bmi and fat loss is through measuring yourself, take measurements from your waist, arms and legs and this way you can work out your body fat percentage. There are hundreds of websites which will calculate your body fat percentage for you based upon your measurements, including your height. You may be gaining weight on the scales but loosing inches from your waist, and this is the result you want if you are working out and eating well. So stop counting pounds and start measuring inches!X
Rebecca Scott

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