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10 Life Struggles Of My Fitness Pal Users!

So you've downloaded the app, you're determined its going to sort your life out. No more binges, this time I'm sticking to the whole healthy eating thing, I promise!....

1. Things you always thought weren't 'too bad' take up half of your daily calorie intake!

Its just coffee and a low fat muffin for crying out loud!

2. You quickly realise that inputting your work out gives you your calories back....which you eat.

Hold on does that mean my 20 minute power walk is now cancelled out? nahh I earned this.

3. If I eat this bowl of lettuce leaves for lunch I have 1082 calories left for dinner...that's a dominoes pizza and at least a quarter of a tub of Ben and Jerrys right?

I can't live without pizza so I will eat this salad and thank myself later!

4. If I don't record it on My Fitness Pal it didn't happen. i.e.I never ate that krispy kreme and snickers bar.

5. You suddenly become a log-aholic. Before you eat anything you log it in your new favourite app.

You're getting good at this.

6. And you MUST weigh it!


7. You discover that certain naughty treats aren't that naughty!

I'll eat my Macdonalds with guilt free pride!

8.You start to feel like your being silently judged by your in phone 'little miss look at me I'm perfect' app!

You're meant to be my 'pal' so let me eat this pizza without guilt please!

9. You try and discreetly scan things in shops but your phones flash comes on and now you look like a weirdo taking a picture of a muller corner.

10. You start logging your food on your cheat day but a MacDonalds breakfast and 2 krispy kremes in you decided its really not necessary.

Rebecca Scott
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Top 2015 Health and Fitness Trend!

As 2014 draws to and end we take a glimpse into the new year and report back on whats set to be the biggest wellness trends of 2015!



1. You've Heard of Spin...Well Now There's Group Treadmill Workouts!

High intensity treadmill classes are now a thing! Treadmills are no longer in the solo days,  By making the workouts as entertaining as spinning, boutique brands have jumped on this new concept! New classes like Equinox’s Precision Running, are putting the treadmill to exciting use. And a lot more are coming.


2. Sooty and Sweep Are Making a Comeback...Minus Sweep.

Activated charcoal is the new supplement to add to your skin regime, and also greatly helps with bowel health. The charcoal attaches to toxins like a magnet and helps cleanse your body of impurities.

So long coconut oil, we all be popping charcoal pills now!



3. Juices Are Evolving!

Now there's now juices to target specific ailments, there's a juice to help your immune system, your eyes, even your lady parts! Companies have recognised that there is a whole new market of potential juicers, such as kids, men, pregnant women, and people who suffer with particular illnesses.


We forecast 2015 the year of the healthy skin, sleep better, stress relieving pre cross fit yoga juice! chin chin darlings!



4. Green Tea or Chardonnay? Working Out is the New Night Out!


Yes you heard us! Bars and clubs all over the country are being experiencing a major health shift. Those Friday night drinks after work are being replaced with a green juice and yoga class and people are no longer wanting to ruin their hard work in the gym by drinking themselves silly on a Saturday night. 

So 2015 could see you visiting your favourite London club for a morning dance party, or working out to your favourite DJ instead of two stepping away in front of the dj booth all night.

These new well being activities are quickly beginning to replace our not so healthy weekend habits!


5. Bone Broth...and Yes it is Exactly What You Think It Is!


So apparently in 2015 we will all be ditching our beloved green tea and instead picking up a nice steaming cup of boiled bones. Health experts worldwide are praising this rather disgusting sounding drink for its gut healing qualities and can apparently help to eliminate cellulite!

I wonder if swallowing an oxo cube has the same effect?



6. Fashion and Fitness are Uniting

Tell us something we don't know...we already have that covered!



7. Dare to 'Barre'


This new style of ballet body sculpting workout, made famous by Candice Swaenpol, is set to really take off in 2015. Barre-based classes use a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements." Also, don't be surprised if your class incorporates light handheld weights to bring the burn during all those reps, as well as mats for targeted core work.

If this gives you the body of a Victorias Secret Angel, we're game!



8. Social Media is Making Us Healthy!


We have health food bloggers to thank for making us swap cupcakes for rice cakes! Instagram has generated a massive health food craze, with everyone wanting to debut their own clean cooking skills!

Drool worthy pics are being shared worldwide encouraging us to to not only get creative with our cooking but then photograph it after wards. 


It appears everyone has a bit of Jamie Oliver/Mario Testino in them!



9. Espresso Sized Workouts are the New Thang!


No more hour long totally exhaustive workouts! Studies have shown that short, intense workouts can be more beneficial for fat burning and building endurance. Insanity and crossfit workouts are so on trend for 2015, these shorter workouts which blast your whole body are ideal for people with hectic, busy lives! The ever surging popularity of high intensity workouts is one we're bringing into the new year!


No more using the  'I didn't have time to workout' excuse Uh Oh!



10. But Meditation is so Main Stream...


People are really starting to embrace their spiritual sides leading to meditation becoming cool thanks to the influence of hipster celebrities! Meditation lost its sassiness not too long ago, with way to many people jumping on the shakra band wagon, yet we are seeing it make a comeback in 2015.


So grab your yoga mat and start practicing your ommmmmmmsssss


So whose excited for a boiled bone drinking, juice mad, charcoal eating 2015?



Rebecca Scott
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10 Things Only Fitness Girls Will Understand!

10 Things Only Fitness Girls Will Understand.

If you go to the gym you'll be able to relate to at least one (if not all) of these!


Editor: Rebecca | NEU Apparel 


1. Not wanting to wash your hair, even when its really greasy, because you haven't worked out yet!

Seriously, dry shampoo is your life


2. The Gym creep that always, without fail, appears as soon as you enter the squat rack!

No, I do not need a spot thanks!


3. Secretly getting really competitive with the girl on the treadmill next to you and the awkward moment when you catch each other checking out each others time and speed.

I was totally just checking out your nail polish colour! 


4. Racking up the weights on the squat rack then realising you haven't lowered the bar and its now far too heavy to move down.

Do I ask for help or just walk away...Yep abort abort move away from the squat rack.


5. Your entire washing basket consists of sweaty gym clothes.

Do I even wear normal clothes anymore?


6. You have certain thongs that you only wear to the gym. They're most likely the £3 pack of cotton ones from Primark.

You'd be mad to waste Victorias Secret on the gym I mean cmon!


7. Seeing the same fellow gym goers every time you workout but not knowing if to say hi or pretend you don't recognise them.



8. The moment when you think your alone so really start putting effort into a set of glute raises then the hot PT walks in mid thrust and it looks like you've been humping the air.

At least he knows I've got rhythm now right?


9. Desperately trying to think of new songs to download every week! Shazam is your second favourite app after my fitness pal!

Seriously, only Jlo can get me through this workout!


10. Feeling experimental so trying out a new exercise on the TRX, getting it completely wrong, looking like bambi after a few too many, then checking around you to see if anyone noticed.

They did, I swear that guys laughing, omg omg omg i want to die'


by NEU Apparel

Rebecca Scott
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Healthy AND Yummy Sweet Treats!

I have a confession to make: I have a huge sweet tooth! Chocolate, sweets, ice-cream… I’m not fussy. Yet, these desserts don’t tend to fit in with a healthy eating lifestyle so I’ve been encouraged to search for more nutritious versions. I can guarantee I’m not the only one out there that suffers from the constant temptation of these types of foods. So, this week I attempted to bake up a storm in order to share my findings. Now, I’m not the greatest baker so I scoured down recipes from those that are and tested them out; starting with Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread and then Chewy Chia Breakfast Cookies.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Chocolate? Check. Peanut Butter? Check. Banana? Check. Is there anything this recipe doesn’t have?! The genius behind this recipe is Ali Gordon – a fitness and fashion blogger, as well as an ambassador for PhD Nutrition. I was drawn to recreating his masterpiece due to long lasting love for Banana Bread (and it being the only thing I could ever bake successfully, basically). The idea of being able to munch down a piece and not feel guilty made my heart skip a beat. Just look at that beautifully moist and crumbly centre..!



This recipe is super simple to recreate, as well as being egg and refined sugar free – I did mention he was a genius, right? The only thing not so simple to recreate is the beautifully shot pictures that accompany it. Is there a blogger school for things like that?

If you are interested in giving this chocolately bread a go then head over to for the full recipe.

Chewy Chia Breakfast Cookies

This isn’t the first concoction I’ve tried by Blonde Health but has absolutely been the best so far. Zanna van Dijk is the lady behind the Instagram and her newsfeed is often full of fabulous quick, easy and healthy recipes to give a go. The Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Athlete even has her own Healthy Treats eBook, so if these cookies catch your interest there’s plenty of other ideas to follow. By containing both chia seeds and chocolate chips, they have the perfect balance of healthy and treat. The recipe is dairy, egg and gluten free, ensuring that everybody can enjoy them.



For the full recipe and lots of other ideas, head over to her or type Zanna van Dijk into Facebook. Next on the baking list are the Apple and Cinnamon Protein Muffins…


Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray
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Toned, Tanned and Fit - Girl of the Moment

                                                  SAHARA RAY

‘For the girls with messy hair and relentless hearts!’

Sahara Ray is definitely one of those girls. If you scour her Instagram and Blog (which I, personally, have spent many an hour doing), you will find Sahara surrounded by incredible backdrops, wearing fabulous clothes and swimwear, and sporting the enviable ‘I’ve just rolled out of bed and still look freaking awesome’ style.


The 21 year-old model was born in Australia and raised in California. Her father was a professional surfer, ensuring that she spent much of time on a beach and in the water herself. Her passion for photography and fashion sent her to LA, and the proof can be found in the varying styles she wears. Even more, the Sahara Ray Swim line is set to be released soon – can you say one of everything please?!


So, if you aren’t already slightly green with jealously, check out the ‘toned, tanned and fit’ body that has meant Sahara is our current go-to fitness motivation. If her bikini body doesn’t get you in the gym, and the squat rack, then I’m not entirely sure what will.

If any of you lovely readers think you know who our next Girl of the Moment should be, then please comment and let us know :)


(Sahara Ray can be found at and Her swimwear line can be found at


Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray
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The 'Protein Princesses' - They're Here To Stay!

The term ‘protein princesses’ is one being used by the media to describe a new generation of young women – they are hitting the gym five times a week and taking a variety of protein supplements to complement their training. More and more women are lifting weights and taking protein shakes than the year before. Many articles are attributing this increase to the growing awareness of the healthy lifestyle and the benefits it has. Fad diets and excessive cardio are on the out, whilst strength training and nutritious eating are making their mark (yay!). Celebrities, such as Miranda Kerr and Millie Mackintosh, are considered to be at the front of this movement. Millie Mackintosh, in particular, has especially been placing the emphasis on working out to be strong and not skinny (follow the # on instagram!). Whilst Kim Kardashian and Kelly Brook are representing the toned and curvaceous ladies.


The increase of women working out is most definitely a positive movement, yet those new to the lifestyle should seek out professional advice and help. Fitness instructors and trainers are concerned that some may follow varying recommendations that may not specifically work for the individual. So, ladies, be smart and listen to your body!

Perhaps one of the greatest bonuses to this development is the growing fitness-fashion industry! Varying styles, costs and labels from overseas are becoming available in the UK, as well as our home-grown companies. If you’re reading this then I’m sure you are well aware of Neu Apparel and our functional and on trend designs. With more great things to come from us in the future, we’ve got you covered whether its yoga or heavy squats that you’re in to.


Just remember girls, more of us may be hitting the gym but it is definitely still an environment dominated by the men. So let’s keeping encouraging one another whilst looking amazing at the same time :)


Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray
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It's The Little Things That Count...

Today’s post is introducing a new mini-series of helpful, easy health tips! Individually they won’t be the cause of your transformation into a fitness goddess: yet combined with a balanced, healthy lifestyle and working your butt off in the gym, you’ll be surprised at the difference they can make! Everyone knows that the first step to a healthy lifestyle is by replacing squash and fizzy drinks with plenty of water. Hydration is key to ensuring that our bodies work effectively! Yet, and I can admit to feeling this too, water can sometimes be considered bland and tasteless – altogether not as appealing, perhaps. Have no fear: here are three options that will satisfy your taste buds as well as your body’s H20 cravings!

  1. Lemon Water

I’m sure this isn’t a new concept to most, and if you haven’t tried it before, I’m sure you’ve definitely heard of it! However, many people drink this refreshing beverage whilst remaining unaware of how nourishing it is for the body and mind. There are simply far too many benefits to name in our little post, but a few important ones to remember are; lemons are high in potassium (which helps our most vital organ, the heart, alongside nerve endings), the antioxidants are essential to maintaining healthy skin and a radiant glow, and they fuel the body up with lots of energy! Converted? I thought so. Squeeze half a lemon into some water and test the results for yourself.


  1. Orange and Ginger Water

Now for something slightly more different! This delicious concoction should be considered a super drink: the combination of these two foods will assist in fighting off any unwanted illnesses. Orange (like lemon) is packed full of Vitamin C which is responsible for boosting our immune levels whilst ginger has been proven to fight off stomach aches. Vitamin C has also been recommended to aid stress levels so it seems wise to keep some to hand after a busy week. Finally, a small amount of ginger can decrease pain caused by exercise. Need I say more?


  1. Strawberry and Kiwi Water

This classic combination of fruit is perfect for any warm summer weather that may (or may not, if you’re in the UK) appear over the next couple of months. Even better, it contains many detoxifying qualities, making it beneficial as well as incredibly refreshing. Save your pennies and replace those anti-aging creams with strawberries instead! They contain properties such as biotin that helps prevent skin wrinkling, and strengthens hair and nails. Kiwis are a superfood: they provide Vitamin E which protects the skin, help fight heart disease and clear out toxins from the body. A mixture of the two definitely improves your health but also tastes pretty awesome.


There you go: three little hints to improve the taste of your water and your well-being. I recommend you give each a go and see which you prefer. If you feel inspired, there are many more options to try! Upload and share your take on our favourite infused waters, or create your own, to Instagram or Twitter with #NEUwater for us to see!


Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray
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New Week, New Start.

Last week was, I’m sure, long and busy: for some it may have consisted of successful training (you go girls!) but for others, maybe not. However, have no fear! It’s the start of a new week and the opportunity to jump right back on that horse. A couple of missed sessions or slips in the healthy eating regime do not have to mean failure. Here are a few helpful suggestions and tricks to motivate and, hopefully, keep you on the path to results and success!

 Fail to plan, plan to fail…

Possibly the most often used and quoted saying in the fitness community! Rightly so. If you are somebody that lives a hectic lifestyle and constantly rushing from place to place, it’s important to make the time to work on yourself. Therefore, plan your workouts and when you intend to do them in advance. It may seem time consuming initially but will, inevitably, save you from wasting away those precious minutes. Additionally, preparing your meals and snacks the evening before will stop you from reaching for those pesky biscuits lying around the house or office. Remember, that body you keep working for takes time and commitment: this way, time becomes your ally and helps you become one step closer!


Inspire yourself.

As mentioned in our last blog post, there is a huge fitness community and following to be found on social media. There are many ladies using their profiles as a means to encourage and motivate others – use them! Find somebody with a smokin’ body and place it where you can see it. Looking at it each day will be a reminder of what you’re busting your booty for. However, don’t compare where you are in your journey, to where they are! Everybody progresses in their own time.

 Set Goals!

By setting both short term and long term goals, you know what it is you’re working towards. Whether it’s making your abs pop or growing some biceps the guys would be jealous of, take body measurements and progress pictures as you proceed. When looking at yourself in the mirror each day, you may not notice the changes that your body is going through – yet, place two pictures side by side and all that hard work will seem very much worth it. Having fitness idols is great, but become your own motivation too.


 Find that perfect training partner.

Perhaps leg day isn't a favourite, or you prefer that extra hour of beauty sleep to hitting the gym early: if so, find a gym buddy and motivate one another. Training is supposed to be hard, but that doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of fun too. Compete yet encourage each other to be the best.


Feeling good and looking good go hand-in-hand. Your confidence in the gym is going to increase if you’re rocking some awesome fitness wear! That’s where we’ve got you covered: Neu Apparel is on trend and affordable. So get your squat-loving bums over to the products page and take a sneaky peek at what we have to offer.




Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray
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The Top Three #'s You Should Be Following On Instagram...

The fitness industry has exploded over the past few years: gyms are popping up far and wide, new methods of training are being continuously developed and increasing numbers of people are more mindful of their health and well-being. Parallel to this explosion is the ever growing popularity of the internet. The general public are taking to Google to search for advice and ideas in regards to their training. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Instagram has become one of the go-to platforms for fitness-minded people, all over the globe. Individuals are using their profiles to express their passion whilst encouraging others to do the same; all hail the #!

  1. #seltering (Origin: JenSelter)

Jen Selter is the girl to follow for that Hump Day motivation! In fact, her pert derrière may be held partially responsible for the revitalisation of the squat amongst fitness-minded women. Jen, and her booty, are followed by nearly four million admirers, many of which aiming to achieve the same results. If you cannot lie and a big butt is for you (Sir Mix-a-lot knew what he was talking about!) then get searching for #seltering – there’s a whole community out there ready to assist you in that journey.


  1. #BodyByIza (Origin: iza_goulart)

Izabel Goulart is a Brazilian model and an ex-Angel for Victoria’s Secret (although still often walks in their fashion shows). She sports the ‘bikini body’ look, meaning that her appearance is healthy, strong and lean: an area which has risen in popularity. Iza maintains her figure using a variety of techniques which can be viewed in her pictures and videos. #BodyByIza was created as motivation to maintain the healthy lifestyle. As a result, the hashtag’s newsfeed is brimming with yoga, juices, recipes and plyometric exercises, amongst others. If it’s new ideas you’re searching for then look no further!


  1. #ukfitfam (Origin: Unknown)

Unlike the previous hashtags, #ukfitfam does not originate from a specific individual: instead its purpose is to connect like-minded people from within the United Kingdom. Whilst scouring the many motivational fitness accounts on Instagram it’s apparent that countless are based in America and Australia. Yet the UK isn’t far behind and through the use of this hashtag, a community is created. It’s a fantastic source for discovering nutritious snacks (that are actually available in the country), potential workouts and inspirational quotes. It’s a space on the internet where praise and admiration can be passed along and encouraged.

So there you go, three hashtags worth following – each different to the others but all equally as motivational and inspiring! As you rush off to scour over the endless images, don’t forget to follow Neu Apparel whilst you’re at it (


(Images found through Google - and


 Written By Kathryn Bray

Kathryn Bray
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New Cosmetic Brand 'Pretty Athletic' Launch With Workout Friendly Skin Care Line!

Launching earlier this month, Pretty Athletic are one of the first skin care brands made with gymaholics in mind. Their collection of workout friendly products are not only beautifully packaged, but are ever so feminine and bursting with natural ingredients which gently cleanse your skin after you've sweated it out in the gym!


The brand have a  range of 5 products, from purifying face cleanser to intensive moisture balm, each has a fresh, reinvigorating smell which feels so good on your skin after your workout. The fitness industry is exploding right now and this product is exactly what gym bunnies everywhere need, with most regular skin care products not giving your skin what it needs to repair and re hydrate after exercise.



Pretty Athletic pride themselves on having a 'no nasties' policy, meaning their skin care products are full of natural goodness and skin friendly botanical ingredients such as Rosehip oil to rehydrate, Menthol to cool, Witch Hazel to control sweat and Aloe Vera to soothe! And wow were we impressed, after a week of using the products after working out we found that our skin felt fresh and the calming facial moisturiser left skin feeling cooled and soothed. The cleanser is also a favourite of ours, leaving skin feeling deeply cleansed and clean, which is perfect after a tough session in the gym!


The products are well priced for the high quality you get, with the  most expensive item, the calming facial moisturiser, being £22. You can purchase Pretty Athletic off their website and also check them out on Twitter for offers and discount codes!


Rebecca Scott
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Want the Body of a Victoria Secrets Models? According to Miranda Kerr You Need to Be Spending More Time Between the Sheets!

'The more sex I have the more defined my arms and stomach get!'


Miranda-Kerr-GQ-UK-Magazine-May-2014-10 (1)
Men around the world have a lot more than just Miranda Kerrs amazingly hot body to be thankful to her for, after she claimed that sex helps keep her enviable figure in shape! With women everywhere desperate to have a bod like Miss Kerr I'm pretty certain they'll be taking her advise on board, and I'm sure men will be very supportive of this new fitness regime!

The Victoria Secrets model's latest GQ spread is quite possibly the raunchiest yet, with Kerr half naked in most shots, sporting a delectable tan and beach babe hair. In an interview with the magazine, Kerr told how since she split with husband of nearly 4 years Orlanda Bloom she has noticed her arms and stomach aren't as toned and she puts this down to lack of sex. Apparently regular sessions under the sheets has kept the model fit and enhanced her famous curves keeping her runway ready!


Although don't be thinking that you can put her riduculously flawless figure down to just  sex alone, Miranda is also a yoga fanatic and has a clean, healthy diet. However there is actually some proof in her claim, 'love making' can burn up to 250 cals in an hour which is the same as a 20 minute run on the treadmill, and we all know which one we'd rather do!

So next time your about to use the 'I have a headache excuse' go checkout Miranda's amazingly hot shoot in this months GQ Magazine and I'm sure your headache will miraculously disappear!

(Photographer: Mario Testino Model: Miranda Kerr for GQ Magazine)

Rebecca Scott
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Why Weighing Scales Are the Enemy!

Nearly everyone, whether man or woman,  can relate to that anxious, gut wrenching feeling you get when taking that little step up onto the dreaded 'am I fat' reader we call weighing scales. Most people who are trying to loose weight will base their goals around that number which flashes up at us, we can get so preoccupied with it that it becomes a very unhealthy obsession, but there are so many different factors to take into account when cutting body fat which people, women being the main culprits, over look. Like for example,  'muscle weighs more than fat' which I'm sure you have all heard but still for some bizarre reason decide to take no notice of and instead rely on the scales instead, which by the way cannot tell the difference between the weight of muscle or fat.

weighing scales

Here's a scenario I'm sure will sound've been working your butt off in the gym, eating right and still the scales are telling you no sorry you've made no progress so now your crying on your bathroom floor blaming it all on the chinese you had over a week ago. sound like you? Well here's how to avoid this from happening again, ditch the scales and grab yourself a measuring tape! If you are weight training then you are building muscle, fact! Therefore there is not much point in stepping onto those scales and expecting to be lighter, because as mentioned earlier, muscle weighs more than fat! However muscle takes up less room, meaning a leaner, smaller you. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing progress in the mirror, noticing your clothes starting to feel looser then looking down and seeing that actually you've lost zero pounds, and in some case gained pounds! But don't be disheartened, because I bet if you measured yourself instead you'd find you are actually slimmer!

Also, another thing to take into consideration is water retention. You can gain up to 5-7lbs  in the space of a day just through water retention! Women will experience this throughout the month due to hormonal changes, but men are also effected by this too, for example if you have eaten a meal high in salt your body will hold on to liquid making you weigh more. Therefore weighing yourself is not a true indicator of fat loss.


Another reason why you should ditch the scales is body composition. We all have that skinny friend who eats whatever they want and still has the body of a russian ballerina, and this is because we all have different body compositions. Meaning that though you may weigh more than your friend, you are most likely a lot healthier than them. Many naturally skinny people are in fact very unhealthy and can hold a lot of fat around their organs and inside their bodies, which is far more dangerous than having external fat. Yet many of us will compare our weight to those of our friends and people around us, which again is not a reliable way of charting your fat loss.

The best way to track your bmi and fat loss is through measuring yourself, take measurements from your waist, arms and legs and this way you can work out your body fat percentage. There are hundreds of websites which will calculate your body fat percentage for you based upon your measurements, including your height. You may be gaining weight on the scales but loosing inches from your waist, and this is the result you want if you are working out and eating well. So stop counting pounds and start measuring inches!X
Rebecca Scott
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